You'd rather get bloodwork, treadmill on lego bricks and run to school up hill both ways before doing invites for your Network Marketing Business.

You aren't alone. You're probably avoiding inviting just reading this page. Let's continue shall we?

Why is inviting so awkward that it reminds you of the middle school dance when you wanted to ask Jimmy to dance to "I Want It All Or Nothing" by OTown but chickened out before someone else swept him off his feet! UGHHHH!

My introvert. My thoughtful, empathetic individual. You have thought for far too long that you had to change who you are to be successful at inviting.

You know what I say to that? A big, fat NOPE! As an introvert, you have superpowers that make your invites some of the best received ones, you just need to know how to effectively SELL!

You aren't taught the 3 methods of selling for your Network Marketing business as an introvert -- until now!

Join me for an immersive 3 day challenge that will change your strategy & confidence behind how you invite FOREVAAAAA!

Inviting For Introverts

WHEN: Monday April 25th-27th

WHERE: You'll get links in your confirmation email!

BONUS: Plan to come LIVE! Join the zoom waiting room for an opportunity for LIVE sales coaching from our hot seat!

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