Admire the online entrepreneur who talks about working 3 hour days, has their shit together & is signing tons of clients while you hustle 14 hour days for nothing?


Surefire CEO is a 90 Day High Level Instructional Group Coaching Program where I walk you through the behind the scenes systems & procedures of my half million dollar business and help you create the time and sanity systems of your dreams!

What is standing between you ACTUALLY having the business you want? The difference between a hobbyist and a CEO? What are the top leaders in your company doing that you aren't? It's all about your systems baby!

- Do you have a set system to onboard and off board customers and team members?

- Do you have different levels of support with boundaries for all investment levels?

- Do you have updated professional branding that you outsource?

- Do you have a free Facebook community that grows organically on its own that you can pull leads from?

- Do you have systems and SOPs in place that allow you to work short days and get more done?

- Does your community culture support client retention or are you always scrambling to look for new customers?


- Outsourcing - Branding - Onboarding/Offboarding Systems - Client Retention - Thriving Free Facebook Community -Boundaries -Systems & SOPs - Community Culture - Money - Task Batching for Productivity

Throw all of these together and you finally feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. You are no longer scrambling trying to look like a legit business owner because you ARE one!

The best part of this program? You will be outsourcing like a pro in your first 90 days because Surefire includes having my elite brand designer, AweSamGram to create YOUR Instagram business branding!