The truth is, you aren't scared people won't join you.

You know exactly how to invite them.

You have the tools to know what to say.

But you don't, and so people don't join you and your business is stalled like a car on the side of the road.

WHY? You have vision for this explosive business and team but you know that right now you do not have the systems and processes to support them to get the results they want

That is what you're afraid of. That you'll look like and feel like a fraud.

Right now, you operate your business like a hobbyist. Checking things off a list and relying on wishes and hopes. Your organization is held together by metaphorical duct tape.

You know that if you had the winning systems in place, that you wouldn't just LOOK like a CEO from the outside, that you'll actually BE the CEO of your business from the inside.

Legitimize your business with systems so you can show the world that you aren’t spending all day dickin around on the internet scrolling mindlessly


You are being avoided at family functions because you are trying to "grow your business" off trying to convince good ol' Uncle Joe that signing up as a distributor will really help you

And feeling beyond aggressive because the end of the month comes on faster as the year goes on

You don't need to claw and scratch over other people to get to the top. 

What is standing between you ACTUALLY having the business you want that PAYS YOU what you deserve?

The difference between a hobbyist and a CEO? What are the top leaders in your company doing that you aren't? It's all about your systems baby! The foundation of which your business is built.

And right now? You don't have ANY (that are working)! So your businesses is like a house trying to stand on a half filled pool floatie

- Do you have a set system to onboard customers and team members so they get started running immediately without being co-dependent on you?

- Do you have different levels of support with boundaries for all investment levels so you aren't leaving money on the table or sacrificing your time for those who don't need it?

- Do you have updated professional branding that takes your business page from hobby to HIGH TICKET Mentor?

- Do you have a free community for your MOVEMENT that grows organically on its own that you can pull leads QUALIFIED & NURTURED from?

- Do you have systems and SOPs in place that allow you to work short days and get more done?

- Does your community culture support client retention or are you always scrambling to look for new customers or recruits to hold your rank?

Without these systems in place you have two choices:

1) Stay stuck exactly where you are, with a business that is a house of straw

2) Bend your morals to build your business outside of integrity so that it "looks" legit, even though you know it isn't

WHY IS NOBODY ELSE TEACHING THIS? -- Because Network Marketing teaches you how to get people through the door, not how to actually serve them while they're there...... well guess what? Yup. A flat out hobbyist or sales person. Being a hobbyist doesn't mean you're a business owner, or profitable for that matter. YOU Want to be profitable, and to have a business that stands on it's own two feet commanding the respect it deserves. that's why you need this program.


Your Custom IG Branding - to take your IG from blend in to stand out!

Onboarding/Offboarding Systems - To help you create results that keep your customers on auto-ship and getting results

Client Retention - so you can have predictable growing income

Thriving Lead Generation Community - to drive leads to you on autopilot

Boundaries - so you can actually take time away from your biz without the world burning down.

Systems & SOPs - so even as a team of one, you operate with the efficiency of a team of 3+

Community Culture - create a movement people WANT to be a part of (and not leave)

Task Batching for Productivity - So you don't have to be glued to your phone for 14 hours a day (can I get an amen?!)

How to effectively lead your downline & mentor your clients

&& many more surprises

Throw all of these together and you finally feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. You are no longer scrambling trying to look like a legit business owner because you ARE one!

What is going to happen if you keep signing the wrong people to your team, or having to decide between serving your existing clients or signing new ones? Are you sick of having to try & drag people to the finish line and begging them to stay active just long enough for you to hit qualification?

You will find yourself burnt out, without a team and damaged relationships because leading a successful Network Marketing team starts with systems that ensure their success (and your own)

Imagine how amazing it would be to see yourself, 6 months from now, leading the team of eager entrepreneurs who are hitting consistent weekly paychecks, giddy with excitement each time they check their back office, signing QUALIFIED leaders to their team left and right and joining you at an amazing Winter 2023 retreat?

What if it got to be that simple for you?

Spoiler Alert! It DOES get to be that simple!

The best part about Surefire CEO is you not only get top notch training and system building but you get your Instagram professionally branded by THE AweSam, Sam Masinsin, my company designer!

Are you already imagining how great your launch content is going to look once you have some of these bad-boys for your business?

Because lets be honest, getting your own branded templates is just like getting a blowout, you feel like a new woman!

What will we do together inside of Surefire CEO for 90 Days?

3 LIVE instructional training calls each month so you can grab the tools and learn the skills so we can build your business systems together

1 Hot Seat Coaching Call with Kayla Each month So you can ask all of your burning questions that are keeping your business at a standstill

Private Group Voxer Thread for support at your fingertips when you need it the most!

Your own custom Instagram branding delivered in easy to use templates! Sam will set you up with CEO level branding to match your new confident CEO-self! They are easy to edit to make content creation a breeze that no longer takes HOURS!


During onboarding you'll get first class access to trainings from the industries best like:

Chloe Elise (Deeper Than Money) helping you ace your business finances for profit

McCall Jones (Charisma Styles Academy) How to show up on video to build trust & sales

and Lauren Ruiz to help you protect your business legally