Think because you started as a Network Marketer that your entrepreneur talents start & end there? Think again!


Hey Sister, I see you!

You're in a business mid-life crisis!

You've dedicated years to NWM but you're realizing it doesn't light up your soul like it once did.

When you joined Network Marketing you were sold on this idea of financial freedom, security, and doing things on YOUR terms... and over time that dream got further and further from reality.

That freedom, that ability to do things the way YOU want them, is a possibility and I want to show you how

Hiii, I'm Kayla & being a Network Marketer FIRST helped me build a business of my own that generates over 500k a year!

I made the bonuses, I earned the trips, I got the shoutouts on Facebook... but when I was deciding what I wanted to pour my heart into during my daughters 14 month hospitalization... the universe showed me my gifts were better suited to create my own life changing offer.

I went from 0 to hitting half a million dollars of sales in under 2 years and my main background is the same as yours - Network Marketing

What started everything for me? Diving in head first in January 2019 with a crazy idea and a google doc, with my mentor by my side - THAT WAS IT!

Together we are going to take your crazy idea and turn it into a profitable offer inside the Thank You Next Mastermind

Creating wildly profitable and in-demand offers is what I'm known for. I can pull a BRILLIANT idea out and run with it, taking messy action from a google doc

What I've learned from taking massive action, making mistakes and picking myself back up is exactly why I'm the person to walk you through creating your OWN profitable offer over the next 6 months

Inside of the Thank You, Next Mastermind.. I take you through the exact steps to; Developing, Curating, Creating + Launching your own offer to your loyal warmed up audience so they are ready to swipe it up like hot cakes & pay you what you deserve. 


It's called The THANK YOU, NEXT Mastermind because you are grateful for all the knowledge and experience you've gained from your Network Marketing business, and now you're ready to use those skills to create your soul-driven offer that's been on your heart for years!

Kacey branched outside of her Network Marketing business in 2020 and has since become a household name in holistic health and including more plants in your diet. Her Simply Healthy Method Bundle sold numerous copies (with a price increase) and she signed 2 high ticket clients!

Jenny, an MD on the frontlines in the hospital began to expand her offerings in conjunction with her NWM business to include life coaching clients, some of which signed on for a second contract ! She set coaching containers that work for her family & her schedule and is raising her prices!

Brittany was able to raise her prices on her membership 2 times & sold multiple spots to her new group program behind the scenes!

Martha sold 5 spots in her offer, converting her email list into customers at an insane 18%! & these individuals are on the waitlist for her next program launch in 2021!


  •  Make a bigger impact and serve at a greater level than you ever have before with your Network Marketing products. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a course, create a membership or work with clients 1:1.
  • Spend less time glued to your phone and more time with the people who matter most to you like your kids, your spouse and friends <3
  • Attract clients with the ease you never experienced in your Network Marketing business because you have a solution they WANT and need
  • Develop top notch systems and launch strategy that works everyyyy time (so you can rinse and repeat FOREVAAAA sister!)
  • Charge what YOU ARE WORTH -- no more being expected to be the free customer support chat in the DMs, you'll confidently show up and people will pay your prices


  • The ideas swirling around in your head turned into an offer your audience WANTS & WILL pay for!
  • A personalized launch plan for your business that you can reuse again and again
  • The beginnings of a scalable product suite for client retention & predictable revenue (yaassss)
  • An income projection that will blow your Network Marketing pay out of the water! (yay multiple income streams!)
  • Your newest biz besties who cheer for you, support you and hold you accountable when you are so nervous-excited!


MONTH 1: Identifying Your Area Of Genius + New Offer Market Research Development

MONTH 2: Establish yourself as a thought leader & authority

MONTH 3: Developing your freebie & tripwire + growing your email list

MONTH 4: Creating your signature offer & launch plan

MONTH 5: Sales pages, launch & sales strategy

MONTH 6: Developing your product suite, 2021 business planning & launching your signature offer


 I totally understand why you're nervous. You've been in Network Marketing for a while, living and BREATHING the life every day. It's easy to feel paralyzed by that comfort zone, even when you know that comfort zone is keeping you small.

You are going to be SO supported in every step of the journey inside of Thank You Next

You know this is the right step for you.. but you are also now coming face to face with fear grimlins that are trying to tell you all the reasons why you should just "stay in your lane" and stay where you're comfortable.

"What will be downline think? Will they judge me? What if someone gets mad?" -- this won't happen! You know your people love you & support your continued growth

The reason why this idea has been on your heart for a while is a sign that it's time. It's time to stop thinking about it, and start TAKING ACTION!

You aren't excited to jump out of bed to build a team anymore, and you're dreaming of a business where making money doesn't have to feel HARD anymore

* But you're afraid nobody will buy what you create

* You doubt you can pull off doing something on your own (because who the heck are YOU to think this will work)

* you know you need more than "just another course" to provide the level of support you need if you're actually going to DO THIS THANG and that's why Thank You Next is the SIGN you've been waiting for!


  • Someone who has clarity on their ideal client, who they want to serve and an idea of how they want to fill a need
  • They have been curious and have considered for MONTHS to create their own service/product but wasn't sure how to create + launch it
  • Someone who considers themselves a CEO & entreprenur (this mastermind is NOT for hobbyists)
  • Someone who has made high level investments in their business before & is ready for MORE


  • someone who just wants to "try this" and see what happens 
  • someone who won't show up for our calls and make excuses
  • someone who has a history of jumping NWM companies looking for "the next shiny thing"
  • someone who isn't willing to be open minded, think outside the box & try new things
  • Someone who isn't ready to make an investment in their business


(2) 30 Minute private coaching calls with me every month (VALUE $1500)

Because girlfriend, you know the biggest ah-ha moments happen when your coach is pulling the genius out from within you, keeping you accountable, and calling you out on the BS. This is where we will tackle your best strategies for offer creation & launch strategy so you can set yourself up for the most exhilerating and rewarding launch of your life

(2) 90-minute group calls every month (VALUE $3000)

Hotseat coaching in a group setting will set your soul on FIRE! Every time one of your mastermind girls experiences an uplevel during a group coaching call, you will too. There’s power in the group, and there’s power in these sessions. There is just something special about being with a group of other high level individuals going through the same biz struggles as you - you're never alone when inside THANK YOU, NEXT!

Guest trainings from leaders you're already stalking on IG (VALUE $4000)

What’s better than having the support of a coach and a great group to lean on when you need it most? How about masterful experts who have BEEN IN YOUR SHOES and can share insight on how they created their empires when coming from a background in Network Marketing. These individuals will share their secrets for leveling up their launches, clients, content, sales and MORE!

Daily Slack Support 5 days a week (VALUE $3000)

You’ve got your mastermind ladies by your side inside of slack WHENEVER you need it and your coach in your back pocket when the big shifts are happening in your business. Perfect timing? ALWAYS. Questions? I've got your back. Wins? WE'RE CELEBRATING!

Access to my catalog of courses, expert training classes & resources! (VALUE $3000)

I am so excited to walk you through exactly how I create a profitable offer and launch it successfully to my audience! To do that, I asked some of my best friends in business to drop some knowledge bombs on you including Megan Yelaney, Aly Bloom, Jamie King AKA: The Slay Coach & Chloe Elise AKA: Deeper Than Money!

You also get an entire private resource center of the exact templates, guides & MORE That I use for my own launches in addition to access to the Kayla Ybanez Inc course catalog which is worth almost 2K on it's own!

OH, and DID I mention we're going on a Biz Getaway?!

In 2021, when it is safe & clear you are invited to a VIP day experience with your mastermind besties for avocado toast chomping - champagne popping celebrations of your success! You'll ALSO leave with a collection branded lifestyle photos for Insta! Yay!

"I'll just apply for the next round"

"Ill start my business next time." I know it's easy to keep saying "next time next time next time" since you've been doing it to yourself for months (or maybe YEARS) already. What has 2020 taught you? That "next time" isn't guaranteed!

Here's the thing girlfriend, is it okay if I challenge you on this thought of the "next round"?

 Imagine where you could be 6 months from now? Imagine if you could at LEAST 3x your current income with a launch greater than any in your Network Marketing career? How AMAZING would that feel?

what is it REALLY costing you to wait? That's the real question you should be asking yourself.

Not to mention how much of a rockstar you will feel like for actually GOING FOR IT this time rather than sitting back with major FOMO wishing you had the guts to keep a promise to yourself to follow through.

Plus, Thank you Next will not be offered again until 2021

Christie is expanding her membership and also incorporating 1:1 coaching to expand her brand. Between her own coaching and her NWM business she paid off her investment before the mastermind ended and is resigning 1:1 clients with ease!

Dannielle turned her unique methodology and eye for social media systems into a successful Funnel & Automation business that brings in over 8-10K per month in revenue!

Kayla Ybanez/ @KaylaYbanez 2019